Physiotherapy Offers Clinical Pilates for Health, Wellness and Rehabilitation

Clinical Pilates is the destination for individuals who need rehabilitation, want healthy joints and improved postural alignment, and an enjoyable way to stay fit. Clinical Pilates at a physiotherapy practice is fun, but it’s an entirely different program than those encountered at spas and fitness centers. It’s an evidence-based exercise program that has medical benefits.

At our clinic, clients work with a physiotherapist who is knowledgeable in the bone, nerve and soft tissue systems of the body, providing professional guidance and an individual clinical Pilates program based on the needs and goals of the patient. Clinical Pilates Moonee Ponds offers an enjoyable and interesting way to stay fit, rehabilitate injuries, foster fitness and improve sports performance.

Clinical Pilates can be performed on a mat or with specialized equipment and is appropriate for rehabilitating current and past injuries. It builds core and pelvic strength, balance and endurance. Sports physiotherapists South Melbourne are specialized in identifying potential areas of weakness within the body and customising a Pilates program that addresses those needs and reduces the risk of injuries.

The exercise techniques are so effective they’ve become an integral part in the training routines of world-class athletes. The techniques enhance coordination, improve efficiency of movement, and increase self-awareness. Clinical Pilates helps individuals address postural issues that cause pain, dysfunction and destabilization throughout the body, while promoting movement for those with joint, degenerative and chronic disease.

Clinical Pilates South Melbourne is safe for pregnant women and is effective for relieving stress, enhancing mood and promoting better sleep. It’s beneficial for alleviating the pain of injuries and surgical procedures, maintaining flexibility and correcting problems in the neck, shoulders and back.

Pilates provides clients with a well-rounded range of clinical Pilates movements and exercises tailored to the fitness level, goals and needs of the individual. Appropriate for all ages, clinical Pilates is effective for rehabilitation, improving flexibility and functionality, and improving the overall fitness level of participants. Clients don’t have to be injured to reap the many benefits associated with clinical Pilates and they can book their sessions conveniently online.